Our investment process is characterized by the following five attributes:  

  • Disciplined: We test and verify every signal we use in our investment process.

  • Consistent: One of the keys behind success in investing is consistency. Our process assures that we use our knowledge consistently and effectively. Both our buy and sell decisions are driven by investment models and pre-selected trading rules, not by whims and emotions.

  • Objective: The human decision process is highly influenced by emotions. As it happens, making decisions with an emotional bias is not a plus if one wants to be an effective investor. IMI's investment disciplines take the emotion completely out of the investment process. Our approach is methodical and calculated.

  • Procedural: As a rule, humans have a talent for recognizing patterns; however, they lack the ability to make consistently good decisions where there is an abundance of data, such as the stock market. So we use our judgment where it counts, during the research stage, to put together disciplined and objective investment strategies. Once the strategy is formulated, we reserve our judgment for the next research project, not for interfering with our discipline.

  • Competent: The discipline, consistency, objectivity and appropriate use of judgment within our investment process builds in a high level of competence.  In other words, we strive to build competence into the process, not into a single human being.

We rely on these five attributes to create an investment process that manages the return, the risk and the costs of every portfolio.




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